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DTS adheres to a clear philosophy: be the best at what you do. This is the main reason we chose to specialize in certain areas. We want to be and remain the standard in auger techniques. In our quest for perfection and continuity, expertise, development and innovation are paramount. DTS has since become a global market leader in the field of auger techniques as a result. Our unique auger techniques for delicate products are in demand worldwide and held in high esteem due to their consistent high quality.

Customized machines

We supply customized machines for the potato, fruit & vegetable and mushroom processing industries. We offer a solution for every processing step, and only the highest standard is good enough for us. As a result, our people have the most modern production facilities and equipment at their disposal. It is with good reason that fellow machine manufacturers also contact us for special services and intermediate products. For example, we perform laser cutting for them or we supply individual screw flights.

Maximum product return

In the case of large production capacities, it is important to minimize product loss. With DTS processing technology, you ensure that your product receives only the best treatment. Our machines and installations are constructed with the utmost accuracy. Tolerance margins are kept to an absolute minimum. This enables us to eliminate irregularities inside the machinery that might damage products, so that your product can be processed virtually without any product damage.

Auger conveying: the hygienic solution for internal transport

Thanks to auger conveying, contaminating and unhygienic conveyor belt systems are a thing of the past for food processing companies. We offer a hygienic, maintenance-friendly and modern solution for internal transport. DTS has developed the auger techniques to such an extent that they can be deployed without any form of product damage. This enables even the most delicate products to be transported with care.