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Largest potato steam cooker in the world!

Written on 17-03-2016

Dutch Tec Source (DTS) has built the largest steam cooker in the world for Rixona. This picture was taken during the construction of the steam cooker at the facilities of DutchTecSource in Beusichem, the Netherlands.

March 17, 2016

Processing Equipment manufacturer Dutch Tec Source (DTS) has been supplying its technology to the potato processing industry for decades.

The company has gained an excellent reputation for supplying machinery and services to the global potato processing industry and is recognized as a market leader in auger based machinery for blanching and steaming.

And as a confirmation that no task is too big for the DTS team, Dutch Tec Source is very proud to announce that they have constructed the largest single screw steam cooker in the world for Aviko Rixona, a major Dutch producer of dehydrated potato products! 

Largest Single Screw Steam Cooker in the world 

DTS is famous for its blanching, cooling and cooking techniques. Therefore, it isn’t such a surprise that the biggest and the best are made at DTS. Large capacities ask for large machines and building large machines requires knowledge and skill. With more than 30 years of experience and being world market leader in this particular field, DTS is the best partner for bringing such a big task to an even bigger success. 

With staggering capacity figures of steaming more than 13 thousand kilograms of sliced potatoes per hour, you can imagine the size being significant. A screw diameter of 2.3 meters, an overall height of 6,4 meters and a total body length of over 10 meters long will make sure these large quantities can be processed without any problem. 

Co-Creation in partnership with Rixona 

Together with the Dutch potato processing company Rixona, which is part of the Aviko group, DTS has co-created this revolutionary machine. Dutch cleverness combined with the willingness to always look for improvement and new technology are the pillars underneath this successful cooperation between two companies with shared values.

This joyful fact was the reason for something special. That is why an interview was conducted with Andries Broekhuizen, who oversaw the project and has been a valued partner in the process from the raw sketches up until the final installation on site. In the Interview Andries explains how he experienced the cooperation with DTS, how the idea originated and how two companies like DTS and Rixona shared their knowledge and skills to create something memorable. 

A unique insight view and explanation on a very special project. You can read the full article here. 

DTS: built-in precision 

When it comes to building auger based machinery, accuracy is of the utmost importance. As you can imagine, when the size increases to these dimensions, maintaining an eye for detail becomes more tricky. Well... Not at DTS. Our team of highly skilled craftsman and experienced engineers will make sure each machine, big or small keeps up with the high standards that DTS is known for worldwide.

With a maximum clearance between the screw flight and the body of around 3 mm, build with the extraordinary precision and attention to detail that is unrivaled in the industry, DTS makes sure that even the largest vessels run as precise as a Swiss watch. Designed and build by people who care about your product and take pride in what they do every single day. For our team, there is no task too big.

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