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Going Green!

Written on 14-09-2017

DTS continues their quest to becoming more sustainable. 

The 3rd and newest company building has been fully operational now for the past months.  
DTS feels the responsibility as a company to contribute to the cause of creating a sustainable future. Therefore we have completely covered the new company building’s rooftop with 274 solar panels. These panels will almost be able to compensate the full energy requirements of our high energy consuming machines such as our laser cutter and bending machines. On this roof alone, we will be able to generate over 70.000 kWh per year and it already accounts for a big part of our total energy consumption. 
This of course already results in a huge reducement of our ecological footprint.
Besides being covered in solar panels the new company building as well as the other 2, are also equipped with a special energy saving heating/cooling system, LED lighting and coated windows to reduce our energy consumption in general. 

Solar Panels
To continue our plan in becoming more and more self-sustainable we have planned the installation of fully covering our 2 other rooftops with solar panels as well. 
Contributing even more to the cause of creating a sustainable future for generations to come.  

DTS keeps on "Moving forward”

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