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Blanching line in record time!

Written on 26-02-2016

3-Step blanching line for the French fries Industry


News: DTS again supplies a large blanching line within record time! 
DTS recently build a large blanching line made up of 3 production steps, for a big French fries producer in Belgium. Unforeseen circumstances at the customer asked for high urgency in obtaining these new machines. 

DTS wouldn’t be DTS if they didn’t put all hands on deck to help out this customer in need. 
With great care and dedication, the people at DTS worked hard to make this into a big success.    
The blanching line altogether is more than 30 meters long and consists out of 3 blanching stages:
Short-High ? Long-Low ? Long-Low.
Furthermore, the construction consists off by-pass flumes and all the well known auxiliary equipment.

                                                  Step 1 Short-High Blancher 

                                                    Step 2 - Long-Low Blancher 

                                                    Step 3 - Long-Low Blancher

The customer orientated conduct of business that DTS is known for and proud off, s once again the key to success!  

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